Dr. William O. Walker, D.C.

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Atlanta, GA 30311
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1914 Central Avenue
Augusta, GA 30904
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   Pain in the low back radiating into your leg with numbness in your toes
 Call L.G.C.C. (404) 364-7093 or (706) 733-2201

Pain in the neck radiating into your shoulder with numbness in your fingers
 Call L.G.C.C. (404) 364-7093 or (706) 733-2201

                                         Persistent headaches
 Call L.G.C.C. (404) 364-7093 or (706) 733-2201

The Life of Georgia Chiropractic Clinic provides numerous services to help
you get your life back on track following an accident or injury.

We provide top notch
Chiropractic Service.  Including but not limited to the

* Traction
* Adjustments
* Electric Modalities
* Gunsted Technique

Did you know a person's weight can have a significant impact on their level of
back, knee, or hip pain.  Along with our chiropractic regiment, we also provide
one on one
Nutrition Counseling to help you reach your weight goals while
teaching you how to live a healthy lifestyle.

The Life of Georgia Chiropractic Clinic also provides
Sleep Therapy for those
having difficulty getting the proper and necessary rest required after an
accident or injury.  

When you are injured by the negligence of others, we work hand in hand with
your attorney. By providing narratives or expert testimony, and methodically
documenting every aspect of your treatment, we do all that we can to insure
you are fully compensated for your injuries.

If you have any questions of concerns, give us a call or go to our
"contact us" page and send us an email.  If you would like to make an
appointment , save time and paperwork by going to our
"forms" page.  There
you can fill out our standard questionnaire, which will allow us to have your
file ready to go on your very first visit.   
* Cryotherapy

* Neuropathy